Should I add my outdoors business to directories?

In the pre-digital era, we turned to phone books or yellow pages to find local businesses. With the advent of Google, these tools seemed to have fallen out of favor. However, what benefits does listing your business in a directory bring, and why are such platforms making a comeback?

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How we used to search for a business vs how we do it now

Shifting Paradigm: From Phone Books to Google

Not many years ago, phone books were our go-to for local services. We used to spend much time searching line-by-line into a category, and checking the listings by calling them and asking.

Google revolutionized this, offering instant access to online information. But is it really the best option to find a business online? Is relying solely on Google for your business visibility enough?

The Resurgence of Directories: A Nod to Yelp and TripAdvisor

In a digital age dominated by search engines, online directories are experiencing a renaissance. Platforms like Yelp and TripAdvisor have demonstrated the enduring value of centralized business listings. Users are increasingly turning to specialized directories for curated recommendations. This trend signifies a shift in how people discover and engage with businesses.

According to recent statistics, approximately 12% of US residents use Yelp, and a similar percentage uses TripAdvisor, meaning that they have around 300 million of unique visitors each month. An impressive 92% state that they are unlikely to visit a business with negative reviews on these platforms, while 94% express a likelihood of choosing a business with positive reviews. These numbers underline the significant impact and influence that modern directories wield in shaping consumer decisions.

Advantages of Listing on PlanetPesca: The outdoors global directory.

As directories regain popularity, it’s evident that listing your business on platforms like PlanetPesca can tap into this renewed appetite for niche-focused and community-driven recommendations. Let’s see some of the advantages of listing your business on PlanetPesca vs the challenges you may encounter when attempting to appear in Google’s first page:

Relying Solely on Google: Challenges to Consider

  • Fierce Competition: Standing out on Google is challenging and may require long-term SEO strategies, which may become expensive and less predictable over time.
  • Algorithm Changes: Frequent updates to Google’s algorithms can impact your business visibility in the medium to long term.
  • Non-Specific Results: Google search results may not be niche-specific, meaning your business could get lost among irrelevant results.

What you get when you list your business in PlanetPesca

  • Specialization: PlanetPesca directly connects you with an audience passionate about outdoor activities and fishing, maximizing your visibility among your target audience, instead of gaining thousands of views from people who are not likely to become your clients.
  • Passionate Community: Joining PlanetPesca integrates you into a passionate community, building strong relationships and brand loyalty.
  • User-Friendly: Our registration process is simple and free, providing you with an easy-to-use platform to showcase your business.
  • Fast Results: Utilize our tools to connect with a larger audience in no time. Achieving outcomes for your events or promotions is now easier and faster than ever before.
You can search for fishing or outdoors places in PlanetPesca.com

Register Your Business on PlanetPesca: The Smart Decision

Ignoring Google would be a big mistake, but the most effective strategy for your outdoors business is to combine the long-term benefits of Google SEO with the rapid results of listing on PlanetPesca.

Harness the advantages of listing your company on PlanetPesca, connecting with a passionate audience and building a robust reputation in the community. Ready for the next step? Add your business to PlanetPesca now for free and let the adventure begin!

Don’t let your outdoor business go unnoticed! Taking control and listing your business on PlanetPesca provides you with a specialized platform and an engaged audience, overcoming the limitations of relying solely on Google search results. Register your business today and expand your presence in the thrilling outdoor world!

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